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1 UPMRC/CS/Printing/2023/01 lmrc tendersOpen E-Tender for Rate contract for Printing, Binding, Scanning and supplying of documents for Lucknow Metro at, Administrative building and Transport Nagar Metro Depot of UPMRC More info
2 UPMRC/CALENDAR/24 lmrc tendersDesigning, Printing and Supplying of UPMRC New Year Wall Calendars 2024- With envelopes More info
3 AGCS-01 lmrc tendersProviding Canteen Services in Agra Metro Depot (UPMRC) at Agra More info
4 KNPCS-01 lmrc tendersProviding Canteen Services in Kanpur Metro Depot (UPMRC) at Kanpur More info
5 LKCS-01 Providing Canteen Services in Transport Nagar Metro Depot (UPMRC) at Lucknow More info
6 LKIA-01 lmrc tendersAppointment of Internal Auditor (from Chartered Accountant firms/LLPs empaneled with C&AG) for the Internal audit of Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited. More info
7 LKHS 01 lmrc tendersProviding of Hotel services including fooding and lodging for Trainees/ Guests of UPMRC to be resided near Transport Nagar Depot at Lucknow More info
8 LKOS-01 LKOS-01: Provision of Manpower on outsourced basis at Lucknow, Kanpur and Agra in UPMRCL More info