Safety and Security

Safety and Security

LMRC safety-security LMRC safety-security
  • Proven design, crashworthiness, adequate redundancy in the system,
  • Use of fire retardant material, fire smoke detection & protection,
  • Safe passenger evacuation in emergency, anti-climbing features of buffers.
  • The design of driver cab by ergonomic experts contributing to driver efficiency and serenity.
  • Trains to run in between stations automatically with minimum intervention of Train driver with the provision of Automatic Train Operation (ATO) system which also ensures that the train achieves timely, accurate and smooth station stops or stopping ahead of a restrictive point.
  • The Automatic Train Supervision (ATS) system to ensure automatic management of train movement by Automatic Route Setting and Automatic Train Regulation by supervising the train movement continuously and optimizing the train movements in case of abnormalities.
LMRC safety-security
  • Emergency communication facilities including talkback facility for passenger for talking to train driver directly,
  • CCTV images inside trains to be displayed to Train Driver as well as at centralised Security Control Room.
LMRC safety-security

Your cooperation and awareness goes a long way in making Lucknow Metro safer for all. Report the following to LMRC staff / Lucknow Police

  • Stay calm.
  • Any unattended item (bag, toy, briefcase, gift packet luggage, etc.) underneath/near your seat. It could be a bomb.
  • Any suspicious person on unusual activity
  • Smoke or smell of something unusual. Individuals in act of absconding the item & departing from the area • Unusual attached batteries, wires, tanks, bottles, or bags that might contain chemicals
  • A suspicious cloud, mist, gas vapour, odour or seeping fluid
  • Nearby individuals showing signs of illness or distress
  • Do not lean on door
  • Do not talk loudly
  • Do not sit on the floor of the train.
  • Do not spit or write on the wall of car/gangway.
  • Do not eat inside the car.
  • Do not carry heavy back pack to avoid inconvenience to fellow passengers.
LMRC safety-security
  1. Fire extinguisher: Located at the station platform and in train cars report any fire to our station staff/Train operators.
  2. Fire Detection & alarm system
  3. Fire hose cabinet: Fire hose cabinets have been provided at strategic locations.
  4. Emergency stop plunger: Located on a wall or pillar at the station platform. Press the plunger to stop an approaching train from entering the station. If the train is at the platform, it will be prevented from moving off.
  5. Emergency Communication Button: Located beside alternate train doors. Press the button to communicate with the train operator. Once activated, if the train is at the platform, it will be prevented from moving on. If the train is in motion, it will come to a stop to at the next station.
  6. Exit Signs: exit signs have been provided at Metro Stations to guide commuters towards exit.
  7. Emergency Detrainment Ramp: Located at both end of the train and accessed via the train captain's cabin. In emergency, activate the ramp to evacuate.
  8. Public Address System: It guides commuters in case of any emergency like fire, earthquake etc.
  9. Emergency stop button for escalator: Located at the both end and at the middle of the escalator.
LMRC safety-security

Press the red Emergency Communications Button (ECB) located beside the train door to speak to our staff. Speak into the intercom and report the incident. To find out which train car you are traveling on, look for the four-digit number located near the gangway between train cars.

Emergency evacuation plan for Stations

  • Locate nearest accessible exit and staircases including emergency doors and windows.
  • Look around before you exit form transit vehicle or facility to avoid hazards like smoke, debris, etc.
  • Report any hazards to Metro's personnel.
  • Offer assistance to people who need help.
  • Pay attention to the announcements.
  • Remain calm.
  • Follow instructions from Metro employees and emergency personnel.
  • Move quickly towards safety (leave behind large or unwieldy objects).
  • If evacuation is not possible through normal doors, use emergency doors.
  • Listen and follow the announcements which are made by the personnel during evacuation.

Arrest without a warrant

  • Drunkenness or nuisance on Metro Railways.
  • Carrying dangerous material.
  • Endangering passenger safety by wilful act or omission.

A person having committed an offence is suspected to abscond or furnish wrong details of name and address might be arrested without warrant or written authority by any metro official no less in designation then a head constable.

Emergency Evacuation from a train

  • Stay calm.
  • Listen to public address announcements.
  • Follow instructions given by our staff.
  • Assist and give way to children, pregnant women, elderly and disabled passengers.
  • In the event of a fire or explosion, the fare gates will be opened to facilities evacuation. You do not need to tap your card as you pass through it.
  • Depart from station through the designated exits.
  • Leave congested areas and stations.

Using the Emergency Detrainment Ramp

  • Use emergency door under guidance of Train Operator/ Operation Control Centre office only.
  • Detrainment ramps are located at both ends of the train. Use them only in emergencies. They are accessible from train captain's cabin unauthorised use is punishable.
  • Emergency lights & ventilation for in-train air circulation will be activated & it will last for 45 minutes.
  • To speak our staff, press the red Emergency Communications Button (ECB) located beside the train door and speak into the intercom.