Special Features

Special Features

At a Glance

  • Elevated world class modern Metro stations.
  • Feeder Bus Services are available at the Metro stations.
  • Eco friendly design of Rolling Stock (Metro Train) which reduces fuel consumption and pollution.
  • Parking facilities at Metro stations.
  • Ultra-modern and innovative coaches which display the art and culture of Lucknow.
  • Commuters-friendly stations with lifts, escalators and automatic fare collection (AFC) machines.
  • Spaces are designated in every metro train for the convenience of wheelchair users, passengers with baby prams or baggage within the specified size limit.
  • Automatic ticket vending machines which reduce time of commuters in queues and counters.
  • 24x7 toll free helpline number for the assistance and enquiry of passengers and public.

Salient Features of the Train

  • The trains have design speed of 90 kmph & schedule speed of 32 to 35km per hour with dwell time/stoppage of 30 seconds per station and design headway of 100 second.
  • Train exterior is a tribute to the cultural richness of the city of Lucknow.
  • Exterior livery in golden color is inspired by the Chikankari craftsmanship.
  • The front shape of train shows the spirit of the fabulous Roomi Gate, Bara-Imambara & Asifi Masjid.
  • Blending of black color in front of car is inspired from modern feel of Hazaratganj.

Design Criteria of Trains

  • Train cars for LMRC are energy efficient, reliable and better comfort to passengers in terms of riding quality, lower-noise level and environment friendly.
  • Body shell of cars made of stainless steel are lightweight.
  • Highly energy efficient Trains with LED lighting and regenerative braking to feed the energy back to overhead electrical energy system during braking
  • All systems monitored & selectively controlled by a microprocessor based Train Control & Management System.

Passenger Comfort

  • Low noise inside trains, wide passenger doors and inter-car gangways for easy passenger movement,
  • Ergonomically designed handrail & grab handle system for easy & confortable standing,
  • Soothing Public Announcement system with all around visible Display System inside car as well a side & front of trains, digital passenger information display panels,
  • Large windows & scrachproof stainless steel bucket type seats for confortable sitting.
  • The station name display inside trains is also in Urdu language in addition to Hindi & English.