LMRC Vigilance

LMRC Vigilance

The Central Vigilance Commission acts as an apex organization for exercising general superintendence and control over vigilance matters in administration and probity in public life.

Vigilance Administration in LMRC, is headed by a Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO), who acts as a liaison between the Corporation and the Central Vigilance Commission and the Ministry and also between the Corporation and the Central Bureau of Investigation.

The Vigilance functions can broadly be divided into three parts

  • Preventive vigilance
  • Punitive vigilance
  • Surveillance and detection.

While surveillance and punitive action are for commission of misconduct and other malpractices, the preventive measures taken by the CVO are considered more important as these are meant to reduce the number of vigilance cases considerably.

The CVC provides necessary guidelines for effectively carrying out vigilance administration in Govt. offices through various circulars/directives/vigilance manual. These circulars/directives/vigilance manual can be downloaded from their website http://www.cvc.nic.in/

As per CVC direction, any body who has any complaint what so ever regarding corruption in LMRC, is free to lodge a complaint to either to CVO, LMRC to the following addresses. In case the complainant does not want his/her name to be revealed he/she may request for the same and utmost are shall be taken to conceal his/her identity under the "Public Interest Disclosure Resolution" of CVC.