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  • May 30, 2020

Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited is all set to restart the commercial operations of the North-South corridor of Lucknow Metro,
after being suspended for more than 60 days as a precautionary measure to contain the spread of the Corona Virus.

In this regard, UPMRC today conducted a special session at Centre of Excellence for Training (CoET) in Metro Depot, Transport Nagar. This special meeting was convened by Shri Kumar Keshav, MD, UPMRC in which various aspects of operational preparedness were discussed in detail for continuity of Metro services post lockdown.

UPMRC is a form of Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) and has been providing Metro train services to the people of Lucknow for more than 2 years now. After the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, the Metro services were suspended during the lockdown but now the Metro staff is all geared up for the resumption of the train services again. Several precautionary measures have been taken by UPMRC for the safety & hygiene of passengers to provide a smooth & hassle free travel to them.

The different initiatives which were highlighted in the special address by MD, UPMRC today includes the through sanitation of both the Station premises & inside the trains. Shri Kumar Keshav also emphasized on the regular sanitization of all the points that are commonly contacted by the commuters, every 4-5 hrs like TOMs (Ticket Counters), TVMs (Ticket Vending Machines), Customer Care centers, Entry-Exit and AFC gates, handrails inside trains, handrails of escalator, platforms, lift buttons etc. He also appealed to the commuters to "Adopt Metro with social distancing”.

In reference to it UPMRC management has also issued several mandatory guidelines for the commuters to follow at metro premises and trains:

Everyone must wear face masks.

It has been mandatory for all the Lucknow Metro commuters to have AarogyaSetu app in their mobile phone.

Everyone must go through Thermal Screening before stepping into metro premises.

One should be sitting with a gap of a seat with its fellow passenger inside the train.

At a time only two persons are allowed to use the lifts.

Everyone must follow the marking at the stations to maintain social-distance.

One should seek the help of metro staff if needed.

He also instructed the operational staff that once the operation starts ensure that Station Controllers (SCs), Customer Relation Assistants (CRAs) & security personnel wear masks and gloves while dealing with commuters. UPMRC has already made arrangements for availability of tissue papers & sanitisers at all the washrooms of Metro Stations. Special emphasis is been given to the mopping and cleanliness inside the Metro premises. Shri. Kumar Keshav also advised the Metro staff to encourage the passengers to use GoSmart Card which is a contactless mode of traveling which reduces the change of contracting the virus. The GoSmart Cards can pe recharged online and therefore ensure a safer travel experience. The card can be used for getting token from ticket vending machine for with their families. Lucknow metro will be sanitsed at every 4/5 hour and every metro train are also santised twice a day.

Shri. Kumar Keshav, MD, UPMRC further adds, "Here in UPMRC we have a habit of converting challenges into opportunities. Don't let a serious crisis go waste and what I meant by saying this is, our metro is very safe and economical than rest of the transport medium in the city. So this is an opportunity for us to improve our safety and hygiene protocols and opportunity of switching completely to e-payment and automated ticketing for a contactless travel experience to our commuters".