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  • March 27, 2019

In spite of repeated campaigns and advisories from LMRC, people are still flying kites equipped with metallic ‘manjha’ near the Metro corridor. This results in the entangling of the ‘manjha’ with the high voltage OHE wires leading to the tripping of OHE thus disrupting metro services.

Such entangling not only causes damage to the catenary wire running along the OHE, but also has high potential of proving fatal to the kite-flyer because of the very high voltage running through the Over Head Equipment (OHE) systems.

Yesterday again, a damage to the catenary wire strands has occurred because of the metallic 'manjha' (string) of a kite that got entangled with the OHE wires between Bhootnath Market Metro Station and Indiranagar Metro station.

Such incidents have been occurring frequently inviting life-threatening risks to the kite-flyers and disruption to the metro systems. Two similar incidents took place on 22 March, 2019; the first being between Krishna Nagar Metro station and Singar Nagar Metro Station and the second between K.D. Singh Babu Stadium Metro Station and Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station. LMRC has lodged FIR against anonymous persons in view of these incidents.

Kite flying near the metro corridor is extremely dangerous as the kite flyer holding the string would get electrocuted due to the high electric current that could directly pass from the OHE to the person’s body. An extremely high voltage of 25000V (25KV) could prove fatal resulting into a casualty if even a fraction of it gets transferred to the human body.